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Fifth Plenum of the Yugoslav Central Committee

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Stankovic, Slobodan

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On 18 May the Fifth plenary session of the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia was held in Belgrade. The chief participant at the plenum was Marshal Tito. The title of his report was "The Position of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia on Current International Questions and Tasks of the International Workers' Movement in the Struggle for Peace and Socialism". Tito's speech stands as the strongest Yugoslav, anti-Chinese outburst. This, however, did not prevent the Russians from censoring Tito's speech. The censored version, published in the May 26 issue of Pravda, did not include any of the derogatory Chinese, and Albanian comments.


OSA, Budapest

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Branko, Tue, 2008.Sep.30 14:46

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