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Deathly site littered with shoes, yellow flags and human observers

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This image shows the remnant of an act of genocide on a population of about 800 people who have been identified as refugees caught up in the Srebrenica crises. With shoes scattered all about, bones sticking out of the soil and the earth mushy and muddy in a way that looks different from the grassy environs, one can only assume that the people were killed in a hurry and their killers left without bothering to look back. The yellow flags, the legs walking through the desolate field and the man taking pictures at the corner all show that an extensive probe is being conducted into the war crime perpetrated in this area.


Vera & Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (Hungary)

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Akinpelu_Oluwafunmil, Thu, 2020.May.14 12:48

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lingering effects of a war/crime scene (1), yellow flags (1), boots (1), desecrated land (1), human presence and investigators (1), photographic lens (1), mushy floor (1), an inland region (1)

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