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Man and women poring over files and studying newspapers

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Radio Free Europe

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A man and women at their stations working and interacting with each other as they do so. The woman whose dressing betrays the fact that she belongs to the age of baby boomers is showing a file to a man who is clearly looking for a piece of information. A woman sits across looking through manuscripts or newspapers with a pen in her hand showing that she might be a proofreader or copyeditor. Any which way, they all seem engrossed in their works and have a repertoire of files stored away in drawers. As it is, this does look like an image of the RFE news station, showing the activities that take place within it.


Vera & Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (Hungary)

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Akinpelu_Oluwafunmil, Thu, 2020.May.14 14:22

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