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Reorganizing documents

When I try to reorganize my documents enlisted under "MyCollections" and view not the first but some subsequent page of the list, and attempt to put, for instance, 18 documents per page instead of the 9 by default, the current view does not jump automatically to a former page even if I should get less pages of documents after reorganization. It gets stuck on the very same page. Moreover, I cannot step backwards because the option to go back and forth is not given any more (the arrows disappear).

Started by paprika 13 years ago, Comments: 5, Last Comment by vripka 9 years ago

Future of Paralle Archive

Before using Paralle Archive as my main archival deposit I wanted to ask if the Institute of Record will still develop the tool? There seems to be no more investment in PA since several months/years?

Started by corto_lu 10 years ago, Comments: 2, Last Comment by csaba 10 years ago

Problems, found bugs and errors

Please report errors here.

Started by Reho 13 years ago, Comments: 4, Last Comment by corto_lu 10 years ago