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Samizdat Text Corpora

Those interested in participating in STC under ISRA should join us.

Started by gavics 10 years ago, Comments: 1, Last Comment by gavics 10 years ago

RFE/RL Collection - Background Reports

Munich, April 4 (Baldassari) -- Despite a long and constant campaign of indoctrination Communist ideas have not taken hold among Hungarian students. The Hungarian Party's theoretical monthly "Tarsadalmi Szemle" admitted as much when it again turned to the problem of politically and ideologically apathetic students in its March issue.

Started by laszlo.kaulics 9 years ago, Comments: 2, Last Comment by gavics 9 years ago

OSA photo collection on Hungarian synagogues

Information on the origins of the collections and on related resources: http://osaarchivum.org/og?col=1&ct=Photos%20of%20Hungarian%20synagogues

Started by kata 9 years ago, Comments: 5, Last Comment by kata 9 years ago

Archival sources on the 1956 Hungarian Revolution

In search of primary sources on 1956, here are some really useful places to visit: the National Security Archive in DC (the book version is available in OSA's Research Room) and 1956 Institute in Budapest. See the links below.

Started by csaba 9 years ago, Comments: 2, Last Comment by csaba 9 years ago

Cold War Broadcasting

Forum for discussion of issues related to Cold War Broadcasting.

Started by arjohnson 11 years ago, Comments: 10, Last Comment by arjohnson 10 years ago