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Hungarian state security documents in PA

The Vienna-based journalist Karl Pfeifer, who was the Budapest correspondent for several Austrian journals, and had been expelled from the territory of the Hungarian People's Republic, is going to deposit his documents obtained from the Historic Archive of the Hungarian State Security with PA. If you know of anyone in your circles, who would like to do the same, please let me know.

Started by csaba 11 years ago, Comments: 3, Last Comment by gyukat 11 years ago

Research about genocide in Bosnia

Hello, for those interested in research about war crimes, ethnic cleansing and genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina (also reconciliation initiatives and conflict transformation) I recommend visiting a website of the Research and Documentation Centre, Sarajevo, It is a NGO dealing with those issues. Check it on www.idc.org.ba

Started by Jagoda 11 years ago, Comments: 3, Last Comment by Jagoda 11 years ago

Changing images of 1956 Hungarian Revolution

I was reading the RFE background report about the official Yugoslav reaction to the revolution, and I had the definite impression that the today's official image of '56 in the Hungarian public sphere is almost a mythological one, with vague connections to the actual realities of that events and deeds. So, how many images can we count, besides today's official one (heroic liberal anti-Soviet uprising)?

Started by donutman 11 years ago, Comments: 1, Last Comment by donutman 11 years ago

Documentary about Bosnia-Herzegovina

So, I have been researching Bosnia for a few years now. I have an idea about making a documentary about the divisions within Bosnian society between Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs and how it remains a severely fragmented society. I have no experience in film making so, can you folks give me any ideas?

Started by ssen03 11 years ago, Comments: 2, Last Comment by ana.lak 11 years ago