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The new Hungarian refugee regime

In June 2009, the Research Institute of Ethnic and National Minorities of the Hungarian Academy of Science published a new thematic English issue of its journal Regio (2008/11), subtitled Birth of the Hungarian Refugee Regime in 1988-1989. The full source material for two of the articles in this issue (Béla Révész: “Out of Romania!” Reasons and Methods as Reflected in State Security Documents 1987–1989 and Veronika Kaszás: Diplomatic Way to the 1951 Geneva Convention) are available only on PA.

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csaba (Offline), 10 years ago

The collection of sources, most of which – like the present one – are being published for the first time, consists of over 120 reports, government decisions, diplomatic cables, daily operative information reports, and memoranda originating from the State Archives of Hungary, the Historical Archives of the Hungarian State Security, and the Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

To see all related documents, run a simple PA query for “regio” or “menekültügy”. The full text of the journal is available here: http://www.osaarchivum.org/images/stories/1989_digital_archive/pdfs/raadas/regio_2008_angol_arch.pdf

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gyukat (Offline), 10 years ago

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gavics (Offline), 10 years ago

Hi, this is also useful

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