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3 pp.

Item No. 1671/68: Experience of a traveler in Bratislava during the first days of the occupation. 1968-9-11. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

Cosmopol, Tue, 2013.Jul.23 22:38

Top Tags: prague spring, 1968, soviet invasion

5 pp.

Item No. 1649/68: Heavy atmosphere in Hungary during invasion of Czechoslovakia. 1968-9-9. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

Cosmopol, Mon, 2013.Jul.22 22:25

Top Tags: 1968, soviet invasion, prague spring, public opinion, war scare

4 pp.

Item No. 1606/68: Hungarian reaction to Czechoslovak events. 1968-9-6. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

Cosmopol, Mon, 2013.Jul.22 22:10

Top Tags: 1968, prague spring, youth, soviet invasion

1 p.

[Ni govora o pasivizaciji studenata]. 1968-10-18. (Serbo-Croatian)

Source: HU OSA 300-10-2 Box463 Folder: University (1965-1968)

sara1980, Tue, 2011.Feb.01 15:37

Top Tags: yugoslav students' protest, 1968

3 pp.

Radio Free Europe. [Suppression of individual freedom]. 1968-2-8. (English)

Source: HU OSA 300-10-2 Box337 Folder: Praxis (Journal)1968-1971

sara1980, Tue, 2011.Feb.01 15:31

Top Tags: students' and professors' protests, 1968, yugoslavia

1 p.

Street Signs, Prague 1968. c1968-8-22.

Source: Czech Radio

pkutaj, Tue, 2010.Feb.02 12:22

Top Tags: public resistance, soviet invasion, 1968, prague spring

5 pp.

Three Philosophers Expelled from Hungarian Party. c1968. (English)

Source: OSA, Budapest

Branko, Tue, 2008.Oct.07 15:06

Top Tags: gyorgy markus, agnes heller, czechoslovakia, 1968, dissidents

3 pp.

Antic, Zdenko. Yugoslavia Fully Supports the Czechoslovak People and Government. 1968-8-22. (English)

Source: OSA, Budapest

Branko, Fri, 2008.Oct.03 11:01

Top Tags: 1968, invasion, eastern block, rfe/rl, yugoslavia