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20 pp.

[Review of undeground polish publications (RAD Background Report)]. 1980-11-17. (English)

Source: Vera & Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (Hungary)

AGrutza, Sun, 2019.May.19 11:35

Top Tags: polish underground publications, background report, reviews, radio free europe

11 pp.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Russel Hill. [Guide for Interviewers]. 1953-3. (English)

Source: RFE/RL Collection, Hoover Archives

Reading Room Account, Fri, 2010.Apr.16 14:11

Top Tags: interviews, communism, background report, radio free europe, radio liberty

3 pp.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Research Institute. Background Information on Hungarian Events. 1956-11-2. (English)

Source: Open Society Archives (Hungary)

rumpelstilzchen, Mon, 2008.Oct.20 16:38

Top Tags: radio free europe / radio liberty research institute, background report, 1956 hungarian revolution