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1 p.

[Kennedy's off record comments on the Berlin situation in 1962]. 1962-10-17. (English)

Source: RFE/RL Collection OSA

mudrak_a, Mon, 2017.Feb.20 13:45

Top Tags: usa, kennedy, cuba, berlin, ussr

2 pp.

U.S. State Department. [Preliminary Comments of Treaty on GDR-USSR Relations]. 1955-9-21. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

milos, Mon, 2010.Dec.20 12:47

Top Tags: confidential, ambassy berlin, gdr, ussr

9 pp.

U.S. State Department. [Soviet Zone of Germany: Soviet Policy Toward Germany and Sundry Topics]. 1958-8-13. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

rumpelstilzchen, Mon, 2010.Dec.20 15:49

Top Tags: fdj, people's army, gdr, soviet union, kampfgruppen

2 pp.

US Government. Legal Basis for Stationing of Soviet Troops in East germany. 1956-11-16. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

Maximus, Thu, 2011.Jan.06 16:47

Top Tags: gdr, soviet troops, gdr-ussr treaty, us mission berlin, confidential

1 p.

Soviet Zone of Germany: Consular Agreement with the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. 1957-7-10. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

Maximus, Fri, 2013.May.03 13:23

Top Tags: consular agreement, gdr, czechoslovakia, ussr, us diplomatic wires