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63 pp.

U.S. State Department. [August 23 Ceremonies in Bucharest]. 1955-8-23. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

csaba, Sun, 2011.Feb.13 21:57

Top Tags: embassy bucharest, scinteia, confidential, foreign service dispatch, khrushchev

1 p.

U.S. State Department. [Return of Soviet Leaders from India]. 1955-12-21. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

hegedus, Wed, 2011.Feb.16 11:08

Top Tags: burma, great britain, colonialism, embassy moscow, peace

1 p.

U.S. State Department. [Soviet Policy Toward Berlin and Germany]. 1958-11-10. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

csaba, Mon, 2011.Jan.10 09:40

Top Tags: memorandum of conversation, confidential, khrushchev, carlo perrone-capano, foy d. kohler

5 pp.