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1 p.

U.S. State Department. [[German Ambassador Hans Kroll talks privately to Khrushchev : Report shown to U.S. Diplomats]. 1958-5-22. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

Branko, Thu, 2010.Dec.16 14:20

Top Tags: soviet union, khrushchev, federal republic of germany, embassy bonn, secret

2 pp.

U.S. State Department. [Press Reaction German-Russian Relations]. 1958-9-24. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

rumpelstilzchen, Mon, 2010.Dec.20 16:26

Top Tags: unclassified, embassy bonn, adenauer-de gaulle meeting, ambassador smirnov, reunification