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4 pp.

Human Rights Watch. Executive Summary: Weighing the Evidence: The Trial of Slobodan Milosevic. 2006. (English)

Source: Human Rights Watch (USA)

ssen03, Thu, 2008.Oct.23 20:42

Top Tags: serbia, milosevic, yugoslavia, bosnia-herzegovina, ethnic conflict

2 pp.

Physicians for Human Rights. [Correspondance Burial of Identified Remains 1999]. 1999-6-5. (English)

Source: Open Society Archives (Hungary)

ssen03, Sun, 2008.Oct.19 23:08

Top Tags: burial, bosnia-herzegovina, war in bonsia, ethnic conflict, yugoslavia

3 pp.

Antic, Zdenko. Yugoslavia Fully Supports the Czechoslovak People and Government. 1968-8-22. (English)

Source: OSA, Budapest

Branko, Fri, 2008.Oct.03 11:01

Top Tags: 1968, invasion, eastern block, rfe/rl, yugoslavia