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87 pp.

International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights. Report on the Cultural Symposium. 1985-11-15. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

csaba, Mon, 2015.Feb.16 16:48

Top Tags: culture, censorship, repression, writers, amos oz

Hungarian Question in UNO1956-1961

9 pp.

Hungarian Home Office. [A "Magyar kérdés" az ENSZ-ben 1956-1961]. [Hungarian Question in UNO1956-1961].  1956. (Hungarian)

Source: Hungarian Home Office

reves, Wed, 2009.Jul.08 23:42

Top Tags: hungary, revolution, uno, repression

2 pp.

Lillian Burnett. [Letter to N.S Krushchev demanding the release of 150 young hungarians]. 1959-11-23. (English)

Source: OSA, hedervary collection

lise, Fri, 2008.Oct.03 15:20

Top Tags: protest, repression, 1956 hungarian revolution

5 pp.

1956 Hungarian refugees. [Petition to the president of the General Assembly of the UN]. 1959-11-22. (English)

Source: OSA, Hedervary collection

lise, Fri, 2008.Oct.03 12:45

Top Tags: united nations, refugees, repression, 1956 hungarian revolution