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Essay on the charms of the whip

20 pp.

Lert Raisa (Раиса Лерт ). Трактат о прелестях кнута. [Essay on the charms of the whip].  c1970-12. (Russian)

Source: RFE/RL Collection OSA

charbonnaz, Fri, 2013.Jul.05 03:00

Top Tags: soviet union, political repressions, rehabilitation of stalin, revolution, history

Hungarian Question in UNO1956-1961

9 pp.

Hungarian Home Office. [A "Magyar kérdés" az ENSZ-ben 1956-1961]. [Hungarian Question in UNO1956-1961].  1956. (Hungarian)

Source: Hungarian Home Office

reves, Wed, 2009.Jul.08 23:42

Top Tags: hungary, revolution, uno, repression

1 p.

[The personal tank of colonel Maleter]. 1956-11. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum, Hungary

gavics, Fri, 2008.Oct.17 20:05

Top Tags: 1956, revolution, soviet invasion, harckocsi

October 23

2 pp.

Sándor, Pogány. Október 23. [October 23].  1968. (Hungarian)

Source: OSA Archivum

gavics, Fri, 2008.Sep.26 20:35

Top Tags: 1956, revolution, ellenforradalom, cold war, satire