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1 p.

[Bob Dole's letter to Mihajlo Mihajlov]. 1978. (English)

Source: Open Society Archives (Hungary)

PA_TestUser, Mon, 2009.Sep.14 13:34

Top Tags: tito, mihajlo mihajlov, yugoslavia, bob dole

17 pp.

Stankovic, Slobodan. Fifth Plenum of the Yugoslav Central Committee. 1963-7-3. (English)

Source: OSA, Budapest

Branko, Tue, 2008.Sep.30 14:46

Top Tags: tito, china, communist party, soviet block, yugoslavia-foreign relations

5 pp.

Stankovic, Slobodan. Khrushchev in Yugoslavia. 1963-9-4. (English)

Source: OSA, Budapest

Branko, Tue, 2008.Sep.30 12:49

Top Tags: non-aligned movement, tito, soviet-yugoslav relations, khrushchev, yugoslavia