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2 pp.

U.S. State Department. West-German Press on Ollenhauer-Khrushchev Meeting and U.S. Plans for East-West Conference. 1959-3-9. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

Alex, Mon, 2011.Jan.17 15:03

Top Tags: social democratic party of germany, macmillan, unclassified, disengagement, spd

3 pp.

U. S. State Department. [Joint State-USIA Message Re Press Reactions on Four-Power Commission]. 1958-9-11. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

csaba, Sun, 2011.Jan.09 23:21

Top Tags: peace treaty, frankfurter rundscahu, unclassified, embassy bonn, incoming telegram