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1 p.

rfe/rl. [Communist Party Personnel]. 1951-6-29. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

hegedus, Tue, 2011.Feb.22 16:34

Top Tags: information item, ministry of agriculture, war, stanislaw tkaczow, appointment

1 p.

U. S. State Department. [Bulganin's Message to Austria and Other Non-NATO Members of UN]. 1957-12-17. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

csaba, Wed, 2011.Jan.12 22:59

Top Tags: confidential, peace, war, embassy moscow, incoming telegram

It is not a Matter of Hatred

1 p.

Tatjana Nikolic. Ovo nije stvar mrznje. [It is not a Matter of Hatred].  1993-11-20. (Bosnian)

Source: Open Society Archives, Hungary

Jagoda, Thu, 2008.Oct.23 19:27

Top Tags: grbavica, war, bosnia-herzegovina, sarajevo, siege

Fulbright's conspiracy: Balkan espionage

2 pp.

Vasic, Milos. Fulbrajtova zavera: Balkanska spijunaza. [Fulbright's conspiracy: Balkan espionage].  1995-5-1. (Serbian)

Source: Open Society Archive (Budapest, Hungary)

ana.lak, Mon, 2008.Oct.20 00:51

Top Tags: fulbright association, balkan, war, politicians, social scientists

See you in the obituary

5 pp.

Dokumentacioni centar .... Vidimo se u citulji. [See you in the obituary].  1995-4-10. (Serbian)

Source: Open Society Archive (Budapest, Hungary)

ana.lak, Mon, 2008.Oct.20 00:29

Top Tags: criminals, war, film, kristijan golubovic, serbia