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24 pp.

[Extracts from Polish Underground Publications]. 1986-1-17. (English)

Source: Vera & Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (Hungary)

AGrutza, Sun, 2019.Jun.09 17:57

Top Tags: rfe, radio free europe, youth, polish underground publications, poland

Teil III

142 pp.

Des Bundesinstituts für ostwissenschaftliche und internationalen Studien. Aspekte der Jugendkriminalität in Osteuropa. [Teil III].  1975. (German)

Source: HU-OSA-300-30-6 Box 97

victoriaschmidt, Tue, 2014.Jul.29 20:42

Top Tags: youth, socialism, criminal justice, visegrad countries

4 pp.

Item No. 1606/68: Hungarian reaction to Czechoslovak events. 1968-9-6. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

Cosmopol, Mon, 2013.Jul.22 22:10

Top Tags: 1968, prague spring, youth, soviet invasion

Questionnaire at the Sokol Music Festival

1 p.

Dobiáš, Jan. Otazníky v Sokolově. [Questionnaire at the Sokol Music Festival].  1988-4. (Czech)

Source: Melodie

Elster, Sat, 2011.Jul.23 12:48

Top Tags: czechoslovakia, rock music, sokol festival of political songs, survey., normalization

Twenty Years of Czech Discotheques

6 pp.

Jelínek, Milan. Dvacet let české diskotéky. [Twenty Years of Czech Discotheques].  1987-8-19. (Czech)

Source: Tvorba

Elster, Sat, 2011.Jul.23 12:24

Top Tags: czechoslovakia, popular music, youth, discotheque, normalization

Not Only

2 pp.

Tribuna. Nejen "nová" vlna. [Not Only "New" Wave].  1983-6-15. (Czech)

Source: Tribuna

Elster, Sat, 2011.Jul.23 11:40

Top Tags: punk music, czechoslovakia, rock music, normalization, youth

They Call Themselves

4 pp.

Czechoslovak Broadcasting Corporation, Radio Programme Mikrofórum. [Wolajú sa "PUNK"]. [They Call Themselves "PUNK"].  1984-3-26. (Slovak)

Source: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Archives

Elster, Sat, 2011.Jul.23 11:32

Top Tags: punk music, czechoslovakia, youth, punk, normalization

Popular Music and its Young Listeners

3 pp.

Kulka, Jiří. Populární hudba a její mladí posluchači. [Popular Music and its Young Listeners].  c1988-1. (Czech)

Source: Hudební rozhledy

Elster, Thu, 2011.Jul.21 21:50

Top Tags: czechoslovakia, popular music, youth, rock music, normalization

5 pp.

Havel, T.. Soviet-Bloc Rock on the Offensive. 1986-9-5. (English)

Source: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Background Report 121 (Eastern Europe)

Elster, Thu, 2011.Jul.21 21:45

Top Tags: perestroika, punk music, youth, rock music, eastern bloc