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1 p.

[Albania]. 1956. (English)

Source: OSA Background Reports

Maximus, Tue, 2021.Jun.08 20:42

Top Tags: stalinism, albania, ideology, yugoslavia, eduvational test material

4 pp.

A. 1989-2-1. (English)

Source: HU OSA 300-8-3 box 4

Maximus, Wed, 2016.Mar.09 11:08

Top Tags: albania, zenga, background reports, yugoslavia, 1989

4 pp.

Kosovo and Yugoslav-Albanian Relations. 1989-3-29. (English)

Source: HU OSA 300-8-3 box 87

Maximus, Wed, 2016.Mar.09 11:03

Top Tags: kosovo, albania, background reports, yugoslavia, 1989

2 pp.

Moralno posrnula pojava. 1979-12-9. (Serbian)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

Karla Koutkova, Wed, 2014.Jul.30 10:33

Top Tags: corruption, employment, yugoslavia

11 pp.

International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights. IHF Newsletter (No. 8) Human Rights in Yugoslavia with Notes on the IHF Meeting in Belgrade. 1988. (English)

Source: Open Society Archives (Hungary)

DKF80, Sun, 2012.Feb.19 22:16

Top Tags: yugoslavia, human rights abuses

3 pp.

International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights. IHF Report, January – June 1990. c1990-7. (English)

Source: Open Society Archives (Hungary)

DKF80, Thu, 2011.Sep.15 15:06

Top Tags: east germany, czechoslovakia, yugoslavia

86 pp.

Centar za antiratnu akciju Beograd, caddy, ujdi. Yugoslav anti-war activism related documents. 1992-10-19. (English)

Source: Open Society Archives (Hungary)

bojan bilic, Wed, 2011.May.25 18:07

Top Tags: antiwar activism, yugoslavia, helsinski komitet u jugoslaviji, the intruder, svarun zagreb

119 pp.

Office of Strategic Services. Research and Analysis Branch. East European Section.. Russian Requisitions and Reparations Policy in Occupied and Liberated Countries. (Exclusive of Germany and Austria.). 1945-7-26. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

Volunteer, Fri, 2011.Apr.01 10:54

Top Tags: hungary, finland, czechoslovakia, rumania, secret

2 pp.

U.S. State Department. [Soviet-Yugoslav Relations]. 1955-6-6. (English)

Source: OSA Archivum (Hungary)

hegedus, Thu, 2011.Feb.10 11:26

Top Tags: soviet union, embassy bucharest, yugoslavia, peaceful coexistence, official use only